I love ravioli…It’s one of those things I always wanted to make but was convinced it would be too hard. Maybe doing it the old-fashioned way is, but I found a shortcut. It’s super easy and you can’t really tell it isn’t made with pasta. Hooray!

First, get some of these:

wonton wraps

For the filling, I decided to go with cheese and spinach. I used ricotta and parmesan, a little granulated garlic (I was feeling lazy), some salt and pepper, basil, oregano, and thawed frozen spinach. You could use fresh spinach if you want, but if you do go with frozen make sure to really squeeze all of the liquid out.

So mix all of the filling up in a bowl. Pour some water into a separate bowl, then get to work.

2013-05-30 16.31.13

Spinach-free for the BF

 I used about a teaspoon of filling in the center of each sheet. With a finger or a brush, smear some water around the edge of the won ton wrapper. Place another wrapper on top, then press it down. Make sure you don’t have any air bubbles…the wrapper should be pretty snug against the filling.

2013-05-30 16.49.27

For my raviolis, I used a little less filling (with spinach added) and simply folded them over to form a triangle. I thought they looked prettier that way.

Boil the raviolis in salted water for about 3 minutes, a few at a time so they don’t stick together. Remove them with a slotted spoon.

For the BF’s plate, I topped the ravioli with some meat sauce. For mine, I browned a little butter in a saute pan, added garlic slivers, and sauteed the raviolis for just a few minutes on each side.

2013-05-30 18.25.01

For fun, I threw some spinach and arugula on the plate and drizzled the melted butter and garlic over it. Because I’m healthy.

2013-05-30 18.28.01

I was a little impatient and didn’t let some of them saute as long as I’d planned. Still, they were very good and you couldn’t tell one bit that I’d used something other than pasta.

There are tons of filling possibilities, too. I think a buffalo chicken filling might be tasty, or maybe some kind of sausage.  If you decide to use a meat filling, just make sure it’s cooked first. I don’t think the 3 minutes of boiling would be enough.

If you’re concerned about time, these can be made ahead…I made the raviolis in the early afternoon while O was napping and put them in the fridge. I’m not sure how long you could keep them this way, so I wouldn’t  recommend any longer than a day.


Sorry, by the way, that I’ve been a bit absent lately. I’m still getting the new house organized…it seems like it’s taking forever, but now that I have a child that can CRAWL it’s hard to get things done.

Yes, CRAWL. So that’s fun.

I also have some medical stuff of my own to iron out. Nothing bad or life-threatening, so don’t worry. As soon as I have everything sorted out I’ll fill you all in, down to the tiniest little gory detail.

I’m sure you can’t wait!