Well I expected to be posting again by now but apparently I’m a horrible judge of how long it takes to move. Then again, I’ve never done it the grown up way… my favorite way to move is to sell everything that doesn’t fit in my car. Pretty easy!

Unfortunately, when you get a BF and a baby you can’t do it that way… or at least, that’s what everyone told me.

The BF and a crew of big strong men moved everything from the old house to the new one last weekend and I’ve been unpacking and cleaning and arranging and pulling my hair out ever since. Moving is fun!

As annoying as the whole moving process is… I’m so happy we did it. Of course, it happened during the same week that O had a very minor surgical procedure… so I had to put some of the unpacking on hold to administer TLC for my sweet boy.

Anyway, I’ve been incredibly busy this week so I had to take a break from posting. I did have time to make a lactose-free cake for my Mamaw’s birthday and a couple of crafty things for the new house.




Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with a cake and icing recipe for y’all… but for today, I think I’m going to take a break from everything and just relax.

Right after I do the dishes, fold some laundry, and go to the store…