By the time the BF and I got home from the flea market on Sunday I was in no way motivated to make dinner. Since it was only noon-ish I decided to worry about it later… I might have taken a nap with O instead.

Baby snuggle time wins over just about anything, every time.

It got to be 5:00 and the BF was in danger of starving to death (according to him) so I started digging through cabinets looking for an easy answer to our dinner problem. I was about to nuke some damned ol’ hot dogs when I remembered something I had seen on Pinterest.

chicken green bean potato

Could it really be that easy?

I used red potatoes and canned green beans, though I think Brussels sprouts or asparagus would also be good. I only added three chicken breasts (I love Perdue individually wrapped chicken breasts) since I was only cooking for the two of us. I also didn’t use Italian dressing mix, I just tossed in whatever seasoning I thought sounded good: salt and pepper, granulated garlic, basil, celery salt, and oregano. Instead of melting the butter I just cut a stick into pats and dropped them on evenly. I also cut up a few (3, I think) cloves of garlic and sprinkled the slices all over everything. You could also dice up an onion and toss it in there…but I think doing all of this extra work is kind of ruining the ease of the dish.

In the time it took to assemble, the oven was preheated. All I had to do was cover it in foil, pop it in the oven and set the timer for an hour.

Truth be told, I was sure that when the timer went off I’d find underdone chicken or potatoes and soggy green beans. Sometimes I’m a bit of a pessimist. Hard to believe, right?

I was very pleasantly surprised (and silently annoyed that I was wrong for once) at how good this was for how quickly and easily it all came together. Everything cooked together perfectly and there were NO leftovers. Cleanup was an absolute breeze… dump liquid down disposal, put pan in dishwasher, throw out used aluminum foil, go sit on your ass and contemplate ice cream sundaes.

2013-05-05 19.13.45

You could serve this with some buttered bread or a salad, but that would kind of ruin the make-your-entire-dinner-in-one-pan thing.

I give this pin a thumbs up for sure!