Some people go to church on Sunday mornings…Others have a big, homemade breakfast…And some people don’t even see Sunday morning because they’re sleeping off a hangover. I spent my Sunday morning treasure hunting with O and the BF at a huge outdoor flea market.

If you’ve never been to one you’re truly missing out.

The morning’s weather was a bit chilly and soggy, but that was nothing a thermos of coffee (for the grown ups) and some warm blankets (for O) couldn’t fix. Since O is a week away from his six month birthday we decided to take our fancy stroller on its maiden voyage. We left the car seat in the truck and strapped him into the stroller big-boy style so he could see everything. He loved it and I couldn’t believe how unbabyish (new word!) he looked.

We saw tables and tables of random items like old coke bottles, NFL sweatshirts, bird cages…There were hundreds of in-dash CD players, piles of kitchen decorations crafted out of hand towels, and any kind of junk you could possibly think of. There were also live animals… chickens, ponies, ducks, and puppies galore.

We walked by one booth displaying lawn ornaments. I pointed at one piece and said “look honey, one of those lawn jockeys that used to be so popular…” The BF asked about the price and told the lady he’d be back. I didn’t think he was serious…It was possibly the tackiest thing in her entire display.

We picked up a flat of onions for the garden and a few other things, along with a couple of hens and a rooster. Since the weather was nasty we ended up putting the chickens in the backseat of the truck with O. They were in a pet carrier, so don’t picture a rooster perched on my kid’s head and think I’m a bad parent.

Ok, that’s actually kind of a funny mental picture.

On our way home we stopped at a diner, where I had a pretty killer Greek omelet.


Part of the flaffy omelet selection

After leaving the diner we missed our turn to go home. Mildly annoyed, we tried to find the right road when O decided he’d had enough and started wailing. The frustration started to build…and then the chickens started squawking. The BF and I just looked at each other and cracked up, because who else would this kind of thing happen to?! We drove around like that for a while, with a backseat full of baby and chickens…all of which were throwing fits…And the BF and I up front laughing so hard we had tears running down our faces. We quickly found the road, but it didn’t really matter anymore. O had calmed down and the chickens must have resolved their troubles because we never heard another peep from them.

If you’re wondering, that lawn jockey is now displayed in our front yard and the BF could NOT be happier. I guess he was serious.