Ok, I know that sounds pretty cocky but hear me out… These mashed potatoes are seriously delicious.

– Red potatoes (I used 8), washed but not peeled

– About 1/2 of a medium yellow or white onion, chopped

– 2 or 3 (or more!) cloves garlic, chopped

– Salt and pepper

– Celery seed and/or celery salt

– 32 oz box chicken broth or stock

– 1 stick salted butter

– Milk, half and half, or heavy cream

Cut your washed potatoes into chunks and toss them into a stock pot along with the onions and garlic. Add salt, pepper, celery seed and celery salt (if using) in whatever amount you like. You can be a little heavy-handed with the spices because you’re going to drain the potatoes later.

Add the chicken stock. If your potatoes aren’t covered pour in some water until they are, then cook over medium high heat until they come to a boil. Turn the heat down a bit so they don’t boil over, then let boil until the potatoes are fork-tender.

Drain your taters, then dump them back in the pot. Add the stick of butter… at this point I like to put the lid on and give the butter a couple of minutes to soften since I never remember to get it out in advance. Using a masher, mash up those taters! You might still notice chunks of garlic and onion… I’m ok with that, but you could use a hand mixer if you want them to be smoother. Add your milk or cream and continue to mash until you have the consistency you want. Salt and pepper them again to taste, if needed.


That’s it!

You could add stuff if you want… sour cream and chives, cheddar cheese and bacon, Parmesan and herbs…The possibilities are endless but they’re mighty tasty just the way they are.

Of course, you might want to spend a little extra time on the treadmill if you eat as much as I did… These aren’t exactly diet friendly.