I’m a big fan of getting perks just for stuff I normally do. I chose my bank specifically because I could get points with my debit card… Never mind the fact that those dirty bastards cancelled the points program when I had about a billion points saved up. And never mind the fact that I was only about a hundred points away from the Coach purse I was saving the points for.  I ended up just trading them for cash…which was nice, but I very rarely splurge on myself and I was really looking forward to that damn purse. I just couldn’t justify the purchase when I had cash to spend instead of points.

That was a dick move, Chase.

Um… Where was I?

Oh, right. Perks.

So I’ve been using Swagbucks for a while now and I looove it. That is not an exaggeration. You want to get in on this sweet gig, you just don’t know it yet.

Here’s how it works:

Signing up is free… You just go here (full disclosure: that is my referral link and I DO get points when you sign up) and enter your info. Once you have an account you can start earning by doing all sorts of things… Answering the daily poll, completing special offers… But the best part? You can earn points simply by searching the web.

I have the search widget for my Android phone…So whenever The BF says “That song is by Sir Mix A Lot” and I know it’s actually C + C Music Factory, I can do a quick search and not only prove him wrong, but also potentially earn Swagbucks.

Was that a run-on sentence? I can’t tell.

Swagbucks can get you all sorts of nifty things, but my favorite way to cash ’em in is to get Amazon gift cards. Then you can go nuts on Amazon and it’s completely justifiable.

You know what’s super cool about this whole thing?

I don’t think Swagbucks is just suddenly going to pull the rug out from everyone and say “NO MORE ‘BUCKS FOR YOU!” like Chase did to me. I’m currently hoarding my ‘bucks like crazy so I can get the mother of all gift cards.

I highly encourage everyone to check it out!


Swagbucks did not ask nor did they pay me to write this post. They probably don’t even know my blog exists. I just wanted to pass this along to my readers because I love you all and it’s a pretty cool deal.

Plus, I wanted to earn a few extra Swagbucks. You can earn referral bucks, too!