We all have those days… Nothing seemed to go quite right, the baby’s been fussy, you suddenly realize you’re almost out of diapers and have to run to town. Then, suddenly, you look at the clock and think “How the Hell did it get to be 5:00 already?!”

When I have a day like that I pull a package of pork cutlets out of the freezer and get to work. They are so quick and easy it’s kind of ridiculous.


They’re also usually pretty cheap. Bonus!

The easiest way to cook these:

Heat a little oil in a skillet on medium. Season your cutlets on both sides however you like. I used Creole seasoning but you can just use good ol’ salt and pepper. Coat the cutlets in flour, then fry for five minutes on each side. That’s it! You could make gravy by adding flour to the pan drippings (remove the cutlets first!), then whisking in milk. Keep whisking while it thickens and season as needed.


Another easy way to cook pork cutlets? Again, start with heating a little oil in a pan. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Salt and pepper the cutlets and fry on each side for about five minutes. Place in a shallow baking dish or rimmed baking sheet, then coat with your favorite barbeque sauce. Bake until the sauce looks a bit caramelized.


There are a number of other ways to prepare pork cutlets, but these are my favorite go-to quickies. I usually serve them with roasted veggies (might as well if the oven’s already going) and potatoes. If I’m going the gravy route I do mashed potatoes…If we’re having barbeque cutlets I usually have roasted red or fingerling potatoes.

Of course, you can serve them with whatever you like, don’t let me tell you what to do.

I heart these cutlets so much because they’re really hared to mess up. If you have leftovers they make good sandwiches, too…

But you probably won’t have leftovers.