Yesterday I planned to make baked chicken with roasted broccoli and asparagus for dinner. Good plan, right?

Well it would have been if I had enough chicken. I got home and opened the freezer to discover one lonely little chicken breast sitting there. Well, damn. I felt like a real bonehead.

I did a fair amount of pouting, then I decided I’d go ahead and make the chicken for the BF and I’d have veggies. I’m ok with veggies, but I had been looking forward to that chicken all day. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for those you love.

I dug through the freezer one last time, hoping to find another chicken breast hiding behind something. Instead, I found a package of turkey smoked sausage that I had forgotten about. I decided to completely switch gears and make pasta instead, which would mean I could use up a few things that were about to go bad.

While the turkey sausage was defrosting I chopped some sad looking leftover onion along with 4 cloves of garlic. I melted butter in a pan over medium heat and added the garlic, onion, and sausage (cut into bite-sized pieces). Since turkey smoked sausage is already cooked I was just looking for it to brown a little… So I think everything cooked together for around 10 minutes.

At this point I went ahead and put a pot of salted water on to boil for the pasta. I used the rest of an open box of fettuccini that had been sitting in the pantry for God knows how long. I also sliced a mini loaf of French bread that was just a teeny bit stale and made garlic bread.

Once the sausage looked nice and brown I poured in about 2 cups of chicken broth and threw in the rest of my baby kale that was starting to look a bit wilty. I turned the heat up just a bit to bring everything to a boil, and once the broth had reduced by about half I poured in some half and half. I let everything simmer until the pasta was done…Then I strained the pasta and tossed it with the sauce and a handful of parmesan cheese.

sausage pasta

For a completely unplanned, scraped together dinner it was really good! I’d definitely make this on purpose sometime. I guess sometimes being a bonehead isn’t such a bad thing.