If you’ve liked my page on Facebook, you probably already know that yesterday I baked some bread. I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person that bakes bread but it seemed to be a bit intimidating. I did once have a bread machine, but it got used exactly once and I declared it worthless. I also made some soft pretzels for 4-H once, but like every other 4-H foods project I mostly blocked that experience from my brain. I had to, or there would be quite a few things I could never. ever. eat. again.

Anyway, my bread making adventure started with this pin:


Can I just say that I am not a fan of the way Pinterest has decided to change the Embed feature? Now I have to screencap the pin, crop it, upload it, and change the destination link. SO LAME.

That bread looks really good, and the recipe seemed alarmingly easy, so I went to the store yesterday morning to pick up some yeast and bread flour. While I was there, I bought some deli turkey and other sandwich fixins so we could have sandwiches for dinner. Yes…I’m so smart that I based our whole dinner on a recipe I’d never attempted.

No big surprise that it almost backfired.

I was a bit concerned when the dough didn’t seem to rise… But I was determined to have a loaf of freshly baked bread so I carried on with the recipe. Two loaves went into the oven… two hockey pucks came out.


I re-read the recipe and immediately saw my mistake. I bought regular yeast… the recipe called for rapid rise yeast. Oops. This is a good example of what happens when you only skim the recipe. Read the ingredients and instructions thoroughly, people.

I considered going back to the store for the right yeast, but it was getting later in the day and I was running out of time. If I didn’t figure something out we’d be having a pile of turkey on a plate for dinner. Not scrumptious.

 I stood in the kitchen scrolling through my pins in a mild state of panic when I saw this:

peasant bread

Hooray! This pin saved the day for sure. I must have pinned it a while ago (or during a 3 a.m. bleary-eyed baby feeding) because I had forgotten it. Luckily, I had the right yeast for this one…and I already had the rest of the stuff.


I realized halfway through that I only have one Pyrex mixing bowl and I was using that to mix the dough…Thankfully, this time my lack of attention-paying wasn’t a total deal breaker. I found a couple of Pyrex baking dishes and thought, close enough. I think that’s why mine didn’t poof up as much as the picture (maybe it had too much room?) but I still had two loaves of freshly baked bread so who cares?

bread 2

I’d like to say I had the self-restraint to put them on a cooling rack and walk away but…Nope. I couldn’t help but slice into one of the loaves…burning the tips of my fingers in the process.

bread 3

Normally I’d tell you to run out and buy some yeast so you can make this bread right now…but I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. See, yesterday afternoon I had two freshly baked loaves of bread. Yesterday evening I had only one**. That’s a lot of carbs, y’all.

It doesn’t end there…I made brown sugar french toast this morning and I intend to make garlic bread tomorrow. The possibilities are dangerously endless with this particular bread.

I do think I’d like to alter the recipe slightly, though. I’m not a fan of the flour on top… Next time I think I’ll try brushing on some melted butter with some herbs or finely minced garlic. I think you could add cheese to this as well.

This pin absolutely gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on the Amish bread yet, because had I not been a bonehead I think it would have turned out ok.

**In my defense, I DID NOT eat the entire loaf. The BF came home last night after running errands and said he wasn’t hungry but I still forced him to eat a bite of bread. Yes, I realize that means I still pretty much ate the whole thing by myself, but not technically.

Also, I didn’t just stand in the kitchen stuffing bread in my face like a rabid badger (um…what?). I had a couple of turkey and swiss sandwiches. Ok, and I probably ate “just a little bite” of bread every time I went into the kitchen.

I’m fairly certain I may have a new chin.