I didn’t post much yesterday since it was Easter and we were busy with family stuff…But I did manage to test another pin! This time it was a recipe for…you guessed it…lemon crinkle cookies.

I tend to think of lemon flavored deserts around Easter…Probably because my mom always used to make a lemon cake to bring to Easter dinner. Anyway, I happened to see these on Pinterest and decided they’d be perfect. I also made a yummy zucchini squash gratin loosely based off of this recipe at MarthaStewart.com.


I was a bit surprised when this pin took me to a Mormon website…I’m not sure why. All I know is, those Mormon women can bake some cookies. I can see why this recipe won awards.

These cookies were really, really delicious. Oh man, they were good. I made a test batch first and determined that in my oven, 12 minutes was the perfect amount of baking time. Your oven is likely different, so start with the shortest recommended baking time and keep checking until they’re done. You’ll get at least two dozen decent-size cookies out of one batch. That might not be enough…I’m telling you, they’re addicting.

It’s a good thing I made that first batch because I took the second batch to the BF’s family Easter dinner and they didn’t come home with me. I’m a bit sad, but my waistline is probably going to thank me later. With the exception of a couple that the BF ate and the one that my mom and dad split, I ate the entire first batch by myself. Oops.

2013-03-28 17.25.10

  Test batch cookies 


These would be perfect to take to a spring get-together, or maybe for a baby shower. I personally think you should just make them because they’re good.

This pin gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me!