What I’m about to tell you may not be good for your waistline.

Still with me?

Ok… Authentic fettuccine Alfredo takes all of ten minutes and needs only three ingredients. For real.

The stuff you get at Olive Garden isn’t the real deal… it’s (big surprise!) the Americanized version of a very simple dish. You can read all about the origin of fettuccine Alfredo (or fettuccine al burro if you want to be technical) in this Wiki article.

So much like the Chinese and Mexican food we all love, Italian food in America isn’t really very Italian.

Ok, so back to the recipe…If you can really call it that.

– Fettuccine (or spaghetti if that’s all you have)

– Butter

– Freshly grated Parmesan cheese (It really does need to be freshly grated. The pre-grated stuff contains an anti-caking agent that will keep it from melting into a smooth sauce.)

That’s it!

Once your pasta is done, strain it and get it into a bowl or plate. Quickly (don’t let it cool!) add butter and cheese. Toss it around and a sauce will form. There doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast rule for the ratio of butter to cheese. I like to go with a lot and a lot.

I’m just being honest.

You can add things if you like… but it’s extremely good in it’s own. Today I did throw in a little dried basil and a smidge of garlic. Sometimes I like to sprinkle on my favorite Cajun seasoning.


About five seconds after I took this picture that bowl was empty.

So there you have it. Really good, really easy, and super good for you!

Maybe I lied about that last part…