It’s Sunday, so y’all know what that means!

…I wish it meant football…

Nope, it means I’ve tested another pin and I’m about to tell you all about it.

I’m sure you’ve seen these two ingredient cookies floating around Pinterest. What isn’t to love here? Bananas + oatmeal = cookie

Healthy, easy, pretty quick to make and you can customize them. They also seemed like a good way to make oatmeal easier to eat. I’m not a fan of the stuff but I’ve been eating it every morning because oatmeal is thought to help with breastmilk production. I had high hopes for this pin.





I mashed up two nanners and mixed in a cup of oats. I decided to leave them plain for the first batch… if they were good I planned to throw some chocolate chips into the next batch.

I plopped about a tablespoon full onto an ungreased cookie sheet and smashed them down a bit so they looked even. Into the oven they went (preheated to 350) while I did some cleaning up. After 15 minutes I took them out to investigate…

Well, they were definitely warmer

I bit into a cookie and was rather unpleasantly surprised at the texture… really lumpy and gummy and… yuck. I figured they just weren’t done and put them back in the oven for ten minutes.

The next time I took them out they still felt spongy and had stuck to the cookie sheet. I decided they were done and scraped them off.

I ended up choking them down since I hate wasting food… but I don’t think I’ll make them again. The only similarity they had to a cookie was shape… the texture was pretty gross and the flavor was just eh. I’m betting the tree-hugging, hemp-wearing, shower-once-a-week-to-save-Mother-Earth types would love these, though… they don’t seem to like anything that tastes good.

It figures, the one time I follow directions exactly and I end up with a total flop. Super lame, Pinterest.