So my sister-in-law’s shower was last Sunday. Because I’m competitive about everything (examples here, here, and here) I wanted to make sure mine was the BEST PRESENT EVER**.

I have a friend who makes the most adorable tu-tus ever so I made sure to order one. I even asked that she add a cute little initial charm to make it extra special.


Of course, the super cute tu-tu couldn’t just be put in any old gift bag…no sir. So I found an adorable hat box and some ribbon that would match the tu-tu. I already had a paper flower (I made it a couple of weeks ago to test out my new glue gun) and the fabric was leftover from the other gift.

2013-03-16 21.30.04

Obviously, that was not enough.

I formed a plan to make a cute picture frame to hang in her bedroom. Unfortunately, after spending THREE HOURS in Hobby Lobby I realized I wouldn’t be able to make exactly what I pictured. I ended up grabbing everything that I thought I could use to make something and crossing my fingers that it would actually work. I like to live dangerously y’all.

I was pretty happy with the results…But I forgot to take a picture of it completely finished. Here’s a pic before everything was glued down:

2013-03-17 08.51.23

That still wasn’t enough so I threw together a box full of goodies and a three-pack of Tommee Tippee bottles.



I’m pretty sure that I had the super coolest most awesome gifts**. Plus, I had so much fun making all of this stuff that I’m thinking I’ll have to make something similar for little O. Win-win!

2013-03-17 15.50.40


The chick on the left is my SIL. I feel the need to point that out because girlfriend is due in May and she looks like she just ate a big burrito. Of course, she was the teeniest person ever before getting knocked up so it makes sense.

She also isn’t one of these (shameless promotion of another post right there. Yep).


**Ok, I don’t want anyone to get upset and think I’m saying everyone else got her gifts that sucked. I seriously did not see a single crappy gift…If fact, everyone got her really great stuff. I’m simply poking fun at my tendency to be competitive about ridiculous things.


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