I completely skipped sharing a new Pin with you guys yesterday… Sorry, but I was kind of busy having lots of family time. My sister-in-law’s baby shower happened (I’m getting a niece in May!) and so afterwards I spent some QT with the fam. It was a good day. Next week I’ll be back to normal with a brand new Pin to test out. I’m pretty excited to try this one so I hope it works!


So I’m one of those moms that tastes everything I give my kid…mostly (how’s that for a good segue?). Poly-Vi-Sol is nasty, cherry flavor Pedia Care is surprisingly good, gas drops are chalky but not bad and formula is awful. The one and only thing I’ve given my baby that I haven’t tasted first is breast milk. I just can NOT bring myself to taste it. Some people say “Why not? It comes from your body!” Well to those people I would like to just point out that so do things like poop and pee… you wouldn’t taste those, right?!

Anyhow, last night we decided to give little O rice cereal for the first time (his pediatrician asked that we start a week before his 4 month appointment). The box said to mix 1 tablespoon of rice with 4-5 tablespoons of liquid. I pulled a bottle from the fridge, warmed it to room temp, and started mixing. As I stirred, I wondered what rice cereal tastes like. Without a second thought I took a baby spoon-sized bite.

Hey…that’s not so bad… it’s a little sweet. I don’t remember seeing sugar in the ingredients…I wonder…


Oh my.

At this point I’m sure I turned a little green. Realizing I had just accidentally consumed my own breast milk (and liked it!) just about made me toss my cookies. I wanted to brush my tongue… with bleach. I promptly marched into the living room to tell the BF.

Do you know what I just did?!


I just ate the rice cereal.

-…So you need to make more?

Dude, I mixed it with breast milk!

– Ok…


No matter how loud or panicked I sounded and regardless of my wildly flailing arms the BF completely failed to see the issue. I was so appalled at his lack of concern that I turned on my heel and stomped right back into the kitchen (or the, scene of the crime if you will).

We haven’t spoken of it since, and though it still haunts me I’m sure he’s completely forgotten about it. I’m happy to say that I’m still alive and so far I haven’t broken out in hives or anything… but even now the thought of what I did gives me the heebs. I guess if I were to be the silver lining type I could say that I’ve tasted everything my child eats now. I’m not really the most positive person, though…

Now I think I’ll go brush my teeth again, if y’all don’t mind.