Out of curiosity I pulled up a list of all of the search terms that have brought people here. Some made sense… Like “heart healthy lasagna”. Others? Well… Some of them definitely made me scratch my head.

In no particular order, here are my favorites:


I feel sorry for the guy (or girl, I suppose) that typed Boobs into Google and ended up here. I’m guessing that person was a little disappointed.



Jello shots and window curtain assembly

I’m not sure why Google sent this one to me. Kind of an odd combination. Let’s get drunk and hang curtains! 

Mario Lopez fun facts

He ran into me once!

Disobedient girlfriend

I wonder if The Boyfriend has been snooping…

In other news,this weekend during study breaks I poked around the internet and…

I found CoolCussing.com and managed to work myself into a fit of giggles that almost made me pee.

I saw this picture and instantly felt better about life. Stupid Mayans.

I enjoyed reading this post about word choice…

And finally, this guy always makes me laugh. Freudian slip!