I think I mentioned that I started a new job in an insurance agent’s office a few weeks ago. In order to get the job I had to agree to get my license…which is no big deal to me since I’ve done it before. At least this time I only have to get a Personal Lines license instead of that plus Life and Health.

I had planned to sign up for classes early so I’d get my books far enough in advance to do some studying on my own.

I got my books last week.

My class starts Monday.

I’m not even through chapter 1.


The problem is that whenever I get my book out, something comes along and distracts me.

Text from the BF? Probably ought to answer him.

Office phone is ringing? Well I can’t just ignore it.

My coffee mug is empty? Can’t have that!

A white car drove by? I think I’ll write in my blog.

Well I’m not procrastinating any more. I’m getting my book out right now and I’m going to take notes and highlight until I’m crosseyed.


Right after I beat this level of Angry Birds.