You guys follow me on Twitter, right? Because if you do (and you should!) you might have already read some of this…Or maybe not.

Just so you all know, I was really going to write a legitimate post today but I got super busy. Or maybe just too lazy. Either way, a copy and paste post seemed like a good option.


So here are some of my favorite tweets from the last week or so. I may not have been writing here like a good girl but that didn’t stop me from terrorizing the internet!


My Grandma calls #EliManning “that little boy from the Giants” and she thinks he’s nice. #Superbowl46 #ShitMyGrandmaSays
“Would you like to come handle meat?” Apparently, they’re processing beef tonight. #ShitMyBoyfriendSays
Nothing like pulling in the barn lot to see a pair of dismembered cow legs on the ground. Moooo! #TastyMurder
Wearing 2 different socks today. 30 years old and I still can’t dress myself. Someone revoke my grown-up card, please.
Using the entire can of air freshener doesn’t hide the fact that you pooped. #nicetrythough
#IfMyLifeWereARealityShow today’s episode would be The Mystery of the Missing Invoice. Will I find it?! Exciting! Stay tuned!
Found it! Boy, that was a real nail biter!
Dude came in to fill out an application, then asked to use the bathroom. 20 minutes ago. I’m going to write Public Pooper on his app.
Dunno why everyone’s upset about MIA flipping the bird when there was a ZOMBIE dancing around on the same stage. #SB46Halftime
Know what’s fun? Yelling “Hey! I don’t remember eating corn!” while in a stall of a busy public restroom.
I wish people would pay as much attention to political news as they do celebrity gossip.
@IndyFoodBlog “Reproductive rights? Who cares? The Kardashians are on tv!” #priorities
@IndyFoodBlog “Who the hell voted for this?! I want my rights!” – Every American that can’t be bothered to pay attention.
This printer went to the John Madden School of Stating the Obvious. “Front panel open!” Well no shit, I opened it.
Happy 33rd anniversary to my awesome parents! Thanks for getting married and gifting the world with my presence.
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