I was going to post this the week before the Super Bowl ’cause I thought it would be a nice, healthy dish to serve at a party…

Obviously I didn’t get to it. Sorry, guys. But you can serve it at your next party!

I love, love black bean salsa. For one thing, it’s super easy to make…And, of course, it’s tasty!

Here’s what you need for the basic recipe:

Canned black beans…I get seasoned but I do rinse them to get the mystery gunk off.

Frozen corn

Red onion




Sea Salt

You’ll notice I didn’t include amounts… And I did it on purpose. This is one of those dishes that you can play with until it suits your tastes. Sometimes, I make it with a little more corn (as I did this time). Other times, it’s more tomato-heavy. Do what you want! You really can’t screw it up!

To make this delicious salsa, dice the onion, chop up the cilantro and tomato, dump it all in a bowl with the beans and corn, add the juice of one lime (or as many as your heart desires) and mix it up!

I like to mix it in a bowl with a tight-fitting lid so I can shake it instead of stirring. It’s more fun that way.

Once you’ve got it all in there, sprinkle in some sea salt to taste. I also like to add in garlic powder and whatever other seasonings happen to be calling my name. Just be careful seasoning at this point because you’ll want to let this sit in the fridge for a couple of hours at minimum. I always make mine the night before I need it…That really gives the flavors a chance to mix together. Taste it before serving and adjust the seasoning if you need to.

Please ignore the remains of my Colts manicure. Concentrate only on the deliciousness that is heaped upon that chip.

These chips, by the way, are the best. Please try them instead of regular ol’ tortilla chips. They add a little extra Zing!

Speaking of extra Zing!… As usual, there are plenty of things you can add to the basic recipe. If you’re making this for a crowd that likes spicy stuff, add some fresh (or canned!) jalapeno. Avocado is good in this, just make sure you wait to add it right before serving. Since I was bringing this to a work pot-luck I didn’t bother with it because who wants to stand in the break room cutting an avocado? Not this girl.

One more thing: Make more than you think you’ll need. This stuff goes fast and you want to make sure you have enough for everyone!