I’ve spent a lot of time living on my own…since I love food (I’m sure you’re surprised) I’ve had to figure out how to make my favorites in smaller servings. One of the first things I made when I moved into my first apartment was chicken and dumplings. It’s one of my favorites and it’s so incredibly easy!

Side note : I blame my brother for this random craving…He requested chicken and dumplings for Christmas dinner. His request was promptly vetoed by our mother.

I should probably call this chicken broth and dumplings…because there is no chicken involved. You could easily add in some leftover or canned chicken if you want, I just don’t like chunks of chicken floating in my soup.

For the soup, I use canned chicken broth if I have it. If not, water and a couple of chicken bullion cubes will work just fine. So you want to get some liquid cooking on the stove while you cut up a few baby carrots, some celery and some onion. I also like to add garlic and onion powder, a little black pepper and sometimes a little cajun seasoning. You can put whatever you like in the broth… Sometimes I like to add a little frozen corn or green beans…I’ve put broccoli in it… I tend to just throw stuff in when I cook.

For the dumplings, I mixed up about 3/4 cup flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, about a teaspoon of salt, and some parsley with about a teaspoon of butter. Once I had it all combined (it’ll look a little crumbly) I mixed in enough milk to get it to a doughy consistency.

When your soup is boiling, drop the dumplings in using a teaspoon. Reduce the heat, cover and let simmer for about 15 minutes or so. Be careful that it doesn’t boil over! I usually end up pouring some of the liquid into the soup bowl I’m going to use while the dumplings cook so I don’t have a huge mess. A cup full or so will probably work, just make sure there’s enough liquid left in the pot for the dumplings to float in.

So after about 15 minutes of prep and 15 minutes of cooking you end up with this:

Ok, this isn’t the prettiest picture in the world, but it’s not like this is a pretty food.

In other news, for my Christmas present The Boyfriend took me to the Colts Vs. Titans game yesterday:

I’m still smiling like an idiot due to the fact that

a. I got to be there for the first Colts win this season.

b. I watched my boy Angerer have an awesome game.

c. I was there for Donald Brown’s awesome touchdown run.

My boyfriend is seriously the best guy ever. Today my throat hurts and The BF probably can’t hear out of his right ear (there might have been a lot of screaming) but it was worth it.