As some of you know, my dad had open-heart surgery last Friday. My mom and I stayed at the hospital with Dad…And when I say stayed, I mean we didn’t leave the building until Dad got released on Wednesday.

I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I knew he’d be in good hands at IU Health Hospital (I’ve written about it before) but I just couldn’t imagine not being there with him.

Friday evening, 10/28

Dad got wheeled into the OR around 11:00 Friday morning and we didn’t get to see him until after 7:00 that night. He was taken to ICU after the surgery (which is how it goes for all open-heart patients) and we were allowed to be in his room with him. The picture above is of his IV stands, with 8 IVs going. He also had a chest tube, a breathing tube, and a couple of other things hooked up to him. This is not my favorite picture.

All of the rooms at IU Health Hospital are private, so we were able to stay with Dad the whole time. The first night, Mom and I attempted to share this couch…which didn’t work out terribly well. Around 3:00 am we moved to the vacant waiting room and attempted to get some sleep. We checked on Dad again around 6:00 am when we knew the nurses would be doing shift change. We talked to both ladies for about 15 minutes and went to get breakfast.

8:00 Saturday morning 10/29

Dad’s nurse came to get Mom and I to let us know that the breathing tube was out and Dad was asking for us…When we walked in the room he had a huge smile on his face and we were able to give him hugs.

Dad had some super fly Big Bird socks to go over his compression socks. I’m totally jealous.

He went on his first post-surgery walk early Saturday afternoon.

This is how I felt by late Saturday afternoon. No sleep and a LOT of coffee.

Ah ha!

Dad’s ICU nurse was kind enough to show us how to fold the couch out to make a slightly bigger bed. Slightly more comfortable but mom still kicked me all night. She denies it but I know the truth.

The lobby of the hospital, as seen from the second floor.

Dad got moved to PCU (progressive care) Sunday morning. It was quite an adjustment after getting used to having a private nurse in ICU.

Dad did a lot of walking during his stay in PCU. By Tuesday they said he didn’t even have to have a nurse with him as long as Mom or I walked along.

The whiteboard in Dad's room the day he went home

Dad was released on Wednesday. As much as we were ready to get out of there, we really miss the wonderful people. Dad’s nurses were great and they took fantastic care of him.

Rooty was glad to have Dad home.

Dad gets better every day and the homecare nurse said he’s doing a great job. I feel so blessed that everything has gone well for him.

In other news:

I am no longer unemployed.

True story. Today was my first day bartending at a local restaurant/lounge. It feels good to be working again but DAMN do my feet hurt!