As I’ve mentioned before, at one point in my life I weighed 180 pounds… And I was NOT happy with that considering I spent most of my life weighing between 110 and 130. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about a year ago and put on Levothyroxine, but after immediately losing 5 pounds (likely water weight) I got stuck at 175.

I don’t know exactly why, but recently I’ve been losing weight pretty steadily. I have made some changes, like cutting soda out completely and drastically decreasing the amount of beer I drink. It’s not like I was an alcoholic, but I’d say I drank every weekend…Now I might have two or three once a month. I also haven’t been eating fast food and in the last week I’ve only been eating heart-healthy foods. I haven’t added exercise to the mix yet, though I do plan on it. I have a couple of audio books on my iPod and I keep saying I’m going to walk but things come up and I don’t have time.

I weighed myself the other night and was shocked to see the number on the scale… 145?! Really?!

I’m 15 pounds from my college weight…when I thought I was the biggest heifer on the planet…And 25ish pounds from my goal weight. Huh.

I’m certainly thrilled with this effortless weight loss…but it has caused some troubles. For one thing, none of my clothes fit anymore. Certainly not the clothes from my heaviest days, but even some of the clothes I had saved from before I totally blew up like a whale.

If I were employed, this wouldn’t be a problem…I’d just go shopping and maybe even enjoy it for the first time in years.  Unfortunately, clothing stores expect you to give them money in exchange for pretty new skinny clothes and I don’t quite have the bankroll for that.


I have a couple of pairs of jeans that I can wear… but they’re big enough that I don’t have to unbutton or unzip them to take them off. I’ve managed to shave about .2 seconds off of my bathroom time thanks to that. Walking for any distance can create a problem, because I have to stop and hike my pants up every few steps (extra annoying when I have my hands full). Walking up stairs is worse because after two stairs my pants have reached what I consider the ‘danger point’. After walking up the porch steps earlier today I felt a draft and noticed that I had a good inch of butt crack showing. I mean, I am a plumber’s daughter but I prefer not to advertise it quite in that way.

I’ve noticed that my boobs have been shrinking, too… It’s just not fair. Why can’t I lose weight and keep my boobs?!

Not that I’m complaining… I hope this trend continues!

Those pants used to be really tight on me...