My phone is working again!

For now.

I got it working earlier this afternoon, but I’ve gotten so used to not having it that the first notification I got startled me. It took a minute to figure out what that strange but vaguely familiar sound was, but then I noticed the red light blinking on my clock.

OH! That’s right…before it was just a clock it was some kind of communication device…

So my period of relative silence on Twitter and Facebook is now over. I’ll bet a lot of people are super-dee-duper happy about that.

Now, just because my Blackberry works again doesn’t mean I’ll stop carrying my softball bat or favorite condiment-turned-weapon. If you’re a hooligan, hoodlum, criminal, gangster, hood, thug, ruffian, or any other type of bad guy listen up:

If you happen to see me on the side of the road, be aware that I will be prepared to bash your head in and/or hose you down with hot sauce if you so much as slow down when driving by me.

Just keep on driving, pal.