It’s almost Halloween!

I love fall. The weather is calming down, the leaves are changing colors, and Halloween is right around the corner. When The Boyfriend flips through the channels at night there are at least ten different scary movies to choose from and I’m compiling a list of ‘you-haven’t-seen-that?!’ scary movies for a marathon. Ok, probably a couple of scary movie marathons, given the number of movies I’ve got so far.

I really love dressing up for Halloween, and I always say I’m going costume shopping early… but I always end up running around town putting my costume together the week of Halloween.

I usually like to come up with a costume I can make… It’s just more fun that way. A few years ago I went as a cat (a completely spur-of-the-moment costume I put together the day of the party). I made the ears and a tail, bought a collar at a pet store, and wore a black dress with black tights and heels.

With my friend Lisa, who did not dress up. Lame-O

Last year, I planned to make my own Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) costume…I couldn’t find a pattern specifically for the costume so I bought a pattern that I figured I could mess around with enough to make it look like Dorothy’s dress.


Nothing turned out the way I wanted it to… I ended up having to go to town and buy a costume. I did find a pair of red glitter heels and a Dorothy outfit, but it was cheap and didn’t look cute (in my opinion). Totally disappointing.

Honestly, every year has been a wee bit disappointing because I’ve never been able to top the costume I made for a party in 2006.

Are you ready for this?

Yup. Boobs.

I worked SO. HARD. to get these ready for a party my friend and I were going to. I sewed everything by hand until my fingers cramped…but when we called for directions that evening we were told the party was pretty much over. Not willing to let my genius creation go to waste I talked my friend into wearing them into a bar. My friend (Right Boob, if you wondered) was so embarrassed that we only stuck around for a couple of drinks before leaving, but I’d say Left Boob and Right Boob were a hit.

If you’re curious as to why I didn’t just keep them for the next year, I did…but when I moved to Texas I left them at my mom and dad’s. Now Rooty has taken Left Boob over as his bed.

I’m kicking around the idea of giving the ol’ boobs another chance at Halloween glory this year.

I wonder if I can talk someone into being Left Boob…