You know, I suppose it’s only fitting that this cake was kind of a giant pain in the ass. I mean, I’ve only been a giant pain in my mother’s ass for the last 30 years… Karma sure can be a jerk sometimes.

The whole thing started when I read this post on I Am Baker months ago. If you remember, I made a vertical layer cake for my mom and dad’s anniversary…and I originally wanted to decorate it with roses but I thought I should probably stick with one experiment at a time. I kept going back to that post, though, dreaming of the day I would make a beautiful rose cake.

How convenient that my mom’s birthday was yesterday.

I did a lot of searching for a cake recipe because at first I wanted to make it from scratch. Smitten Kitchen‘s pink lady cake seemed perfect. I then went looking for icing that would taste good and hold up well. I found a few that I thought would be way too sweet and got pretty frustrated…Until I found this crusting cream cheese buttercream frosting. Of course, I had to make things harder than they needed to be, so I started trying to come up with a filling. I mean, I could have easily just put frosting between the layers but that would have been too easy. I dug through a ton of recipes and decided on a strawberry cheesecake filling that I thought wouldn’t be overly sweet.

I started planning this cake about a week and a half ago and even after I had printed the recipes I picked out, I continued to obsess about it. I had dreams about this cake, no kidding.

I decided to make the cake and filling on Monday, then make the icing and decorate it Tuesday. Luckily, mom had things to do both days so I’d have time to get it done without her nosing around.

I ended up using a cake mix and adding sweetened, frozen strawberries (that I pulverized with my immersion blender). Next time I’ll make it from scratch and use a recipe that allows for the extra liquid…This cake ended up being extremely dense and moist.  I really should have paid more attention to the recipe for the filling because when I finished making it I had a TON. It was quite tasty, but it had a very runny consistency that had me a tad worried. Still, I put it in the fridge and said a prayer that it would firm up overnight.

Tuesday morning I checked the filling and it had firmed up beautifully. Whew

I made the icing using my mom’s KitchenAid mixer. Apparently, when the recipe says to add the powdered sugar in gradually, you should probably listen.


Once I finished cleaning up the powdered sugar explosion, I iced and decorated the cake. I have to say, I’m extremely proud of how it turned out:


I had everything done before mom got home so I left mom a couple of notes and ran home to take a shower and get ready for her birthday dinner.

Betcha can't tell there's a cake under that bag!

We ended up ordering 4 different kinds of pizza for dinner. If that isn’t serious partying I don’t know what is. We ate some cake and had mom open her presents before she and dad took my grandma home. I think she enjoyed her birthday and she loves the new laptop.

Now I’d love to say that I got lots of good pictures of her birthday celebration…but my camera decided to die on me after I took two pictures and one video and there were no AA batteries to be found. Unfortunately, every picture in this post is from my crapberry Blackberry. Sorry for the poor quality.

Everyone liked the cake, but it ended up being incredibly rich. I’ll definitely stick to a basic white cake recipe next time.

This ended up being a really long post…


The End.