If you read my last post and have been wondering how dinner went…I did not shit my pants. We did have a lovely sushi dinner. The Boyfriend used chopsticks successfully and my digestive system behaved. Thank God.

My mom got upset with me because I said s-h-i-t in my blog. “Well…just…that language… You could have said bowel movement instead.”

I don’t think the two words are exactly interchangeable, mom.

BOWEL MOVEMENT! I just stubbed my toe!

Seriously, can you believe that bowel movement?

Gah, that guy is such a bowel movement-head.

She’s gonna bowel movement a brick when she sees that.

Bowel movement on a shingle!

When I was growing up, I didn’t even know the word shit existed… I thought the word was pronounced Shhhhhhhh-T because on the rare occasion my mom cursed, that’s what she said.

She just doesn’t have a love for colorful language like I do, I guess.