There are some things that are just better the next day. Chili immediately comes to mind, and I can remember my mom making a huge pot of chili in the winter that we’d reheat sometimes three or four days in a row.

Well, guys… The barbecue chicken I talked about on Monday is definitely one of those things.

I shredded the chicken, put it back into the sauce, and let it simmer on fairly low heat (uncovered) for quite a while so the sauce would reduce. I fished around ’til I found the garlic cloves and smashed ’em…they pretty much melted into the sauce.

While the chicken simmered, I started working on the taters and green beans…

The green beans went into a pot and I added a whole clove of garlic. Mom added butter, salt, pepper, and minced onion. We let those heat for a while, then my mom decided to smash the garlic clove up because she wanted to make sure she could taste the garlic.

I dumped the potatoes onto a sheet of foil and added butter and Parmesan cheese. Then, because I just can’t help it, I stuck a whole garlic clove in the middle. Those got wrapped up into a little bundle of happiness, then went into the oven (400 degrees) for a while. I ended up opening the foil packet and putting it back into the oven on a cookie sheet so the taters could crisp up.


My mom did...and she said it was good. Psh.

He wanted in on that action, too.

He really likes corn on the cob

Please excuse the somewhat crappy Blackberry pictures…I can’t find the cable for my regular camera.

Guys, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to make this barbecue. I think I’d even go as far as to say you shouldn’t even bother eating it ’til the next day if you can manage to wait…if not, make sure to make extra so you have leftovers!