So since I’ve been unemployed my daily routine has been as follows:

-Wake up at a ridiculously late hour (before noon, thank you)

– Sit around all bleary-eyed for a good half-hour before putting in my contacts and leaving The Boyfriend’s house

– Sit around my house for a while playing BeZombied on my Blackberry (has anyone else played this game? It’s addicting as hell)

– Shower

– Go to mom and dad’s to use their internet and eat their food

– End up back at The Boyfriend’s to watch tv and listen to stories of his productive day

I know, life has been rough lately.

Today, however, is different. I mean, it started out the same… but after my shower I actually did my hair…and I’m going to put on makeup! AND I’m not wearing my usual t-shirt and whatever pair of jeans smells cleanest uniform!

Dude, that’s monumental.

The Boyfriend has asked me to accompany him to his friend’s house this evening…and I haven’t met this friend (or his girlfriend) yet. I feel like I need to make a good impression, hence the makeup and did-hair and whatnot.

Now, I love when The BF introduces me to his friends and family…But I get really nervous about it. I’m always worried that someone won’t like me or that they’ll think I’m weird and be like WHY ON EARTH IS HE WITH THAT CRAZY WEIRDO?!

I think we all know there’s no question why he’s with me since I’m seriously the coolest chick on Earth (some examples of my awesomeness)…It’s just an irrational fear I have.

Anyway… Since he mentioned it on Monday, I’ve been trying to prepare. The problem is, I don’t really know much about these people. It’s making it really hard to come up with potential conversation topics. Some of my ideas so far:

– Religion

– Politics

Just kidding.

But really, what are we going to talk about? I know The BF and his friend will at some point want to go off by themselves and talk about manly-type stuff. That will leave me with the friend’s girlfriend…alone.

I suppose I’ll just have to rely on my sparkling personality and dazzling wit to get me through…