I’m tired of working for ‘the man’ (whomever that is). I want to be the boss, the decision maker, the head cheese.  I want to delegate the really crappy stuff  (uh, you know, the work).

The problem has always been that I just have NO idea what I could do that would make money. It seems like every good idea has been taken and that’s a real problem. Yesterday I think I came up with a solution.

One of my coworkers was telling us about a mobile mechanic that she hired to change the oil in her car. I guess this guy comes to wherever you are (so in her case, work) and changes your oil or makes repairs. I’ll admit, it seems like a great idea.

I believe I can make it better.


How about…

Proud Mary Rollin’ Mechanic!

So you make an appointment, and as the mechanic is pulling into your driveway (parking lot, whatever…) he (or she!) honks the horn to announce his arrival… And the horn plays the ‘doot doot doot doot’ and ‘rollin’…rollin’ parts of the Tina Turner version of Proud Mary.

I’m so not done.

When your friendly mechanic gets out, he (or she…And I’m tired of saying it this way so just assume I mean he OR she from now on) is wearing a full Tina Turner sparkly dress, wig, heels getup.


While changing your oil or fixing your car, the mechanic SINGS and sometimes DANCES to Proud Mary.

Of course, each mechanic would be certified, trained in dance and voice, and prices would be reasonable.

It’s a lot more productive than dinner and a show, huh? Hell, if you want you can eat your dinner while watching your mechanic! Dinner, oil change and a show. All for the low-low price of…um…$39.99 (dinner not included)?

What do I know about reasonably priced oil changes? Mine cost $80.00 a pop.