Thursday, 10:30 pm

Boyfriend: My bday’s sometime between now and next Wed.

Me: I believe it’s Sunday.

B: Theoretically, yes.


Thursday, 11:45 pm

B: How about a back scratch?

Me: I suppose I could come over and scratch your back.

B: Don’t go out of your way. It’s just my birthday.

B: Think you could score me a cheeseburger on the way?


Friday, 5:45 (I’m at work)

B: You about done yet? It’s my birthday.


Friday, 6:32 pm (Still at work)

B: You about done yet? It is my birthday.

Apparently, The Boyfriend confuses his birthday with Hanukkah…

His actual birthday was on Sunday, so his party was Saturday night. All of the fixins for a good time were there: beer, some of his close friends, beer, food, beer and explosions in the form of fireworks (my idea, thank you very much). There were, thankfully, no firework related injuries, though apparently there was a misfire that caused a couple to shoot out into the road. Luckily, there were no cars coming. The party reportedly went on until 6:30am, but Boyfriend and I bailed out long before that.

I gave him his present on Sunday (an iPod loaded with music, a set of ear buds that I think are FAR more comfy and some other goodies like pistachios and peanut butter cups). We then went to lunch at his favorite Mexican place and visited his grandparents, my parents and his mom (who cooked him a nice birthday dinner). He wore the Birthday Boy ribbon I gave him all day, which cracked me up to no end.

He didn’t really say much about his present, so I was a bit worried. Then, this morning, I got a text:

B: Did (friend) download these songs for you?

Me: Just the 311 ones…why?

B: He put MmmBop on this iPod.

Me: Uh, no…That was me. I stuck that one in as a joke.

B: Right on. That cracked me up.

I’m excited that he’s using it already. I just hope he doesn’t demolish or lose it right away. He’s been through 4 iPhones, after all.

Next weekend is my Grandma’s 90th birthday. I’m not sure the party will be *quite* as exciting, but it should be fun.

I’ve already offered to spike the punch.