The boyfriend’s birthday is coming up.

I pride myself on picking out truly awesome presents for people…You could almost say I’m a little (er…a lot) competitive about it. Nothing makes me happier than someone telling me they love my gift, especially if that person says it’s the best one they received. Most often I don’t even spend a lot of money, but I put a LOT of thought into what I get someone.

This is really causing a problem for me because I have NO idea what to get him.

I’ve been kicking a few ideas around…and I’ve tried getting him to tell me what he wants without coming right out and asking. I was sure the first thing I thought of would be a real winner until I talked to him about it…and it turns out he already has one. Steee-rike one.

The second thing I thought of would probably be great…but he doesn’t have a computer or internet and that’s kind of necessary. Steee-rike two.

I got frustrated and decided to just get him a case of beer, but that’s neither original nor thoughtful. Steee-rike three.

Damn damn damn damn.

(After typing that four times I’m not even sure it’s a word anymore…)

I know for sure that I could get him a Playstation 3 and probably win best present EVER, but damn…Those things are expensive as hell. It isn’t that I’m unwilling to spend the money on him, because I would…If I had that much extra cash to spend.

This weekend is my self-imposed deadline. I WILL purchase the perfect birthday present for him before Monday.

Now, if I just had the faintest idea what it’s going to be…