This week is going to be so crazy…I feel like lately the only down time I have is when I’m sleeping. I’m working extra hours Monday – Thursday this week so I can be off on Friday because my dad’s having back surgery.

He’s had back problems for a while now, but it’s become so bad that he can’t even sleep at night. Last Friday he went to have a pre-surgery checkup and was given a clean bill of health so *hopefully* by this time next week my dad will be pain-free.

We’ll be leaving for the hospital around 5:00 Friday morning and dad’s surgery is at 7:00. Mom and I will be camped out until they release him which might be Saturday morning.

If you’re so inclined, prayers are always welcome. This is definitely a good thing. Watching my dad deal with this pain is awful and I’m glad he’s finally getting this done.

Still, I am my mother’s daughter. I’ll be doing a lot of worrying until the surgery is over.