First of all, I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to my readers for sticking with me lately. I know I haven’t been posting much of anything but my views have stayed pretty consistent. You guys are awesome! I promise, once I figure out how to get the internet running at my house again I’ll be posting more frequently.

Lately, whenever anyone asks what I’ve been up to my answer is “Oh, not much…” I don’t know why I say that because it is NOT true (or, as my dad says, snot true). I’ve been BUSY lately and it doesn’t look like I’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

I’m blaming the boyfriend for all of this craziness. Seems like before he came along I had a lot going on but I also had a fair amount of free time as well. I’ve done more in the last two weekends than I did in an entire month when I was single.

This weekend was especially crazy. Friday was our soap box derby at work.Basically, we all have to be there around 8 and we spend the day building and racing derby cars, drinking and eating. I got to work early (7:30) on accident because I was trying to avoid too much rush hour traffic. I left around 6:45 thinking I would have plenty of time if I did get stuck in a traffic jam but for once I had absolutely no problems. Go figure.

Once I got off work around 4:00 I went to my mom and dad’s house for a visit, then left around 8:00 when the BF sent me an emergency text. They were out of beer and because I’m the best gal ever I brought some to them.

I ended up being awake for 22 hours on Friday/Saturday morning. It was rough.

Saturday morning the BF handed me a twenty and asked if I could pick up a birthday gift for his friend’s little girl. I wanted to do a really great job picking out a gift since it was going to be from him so it took me FOREVER. I wouldn’t have had a bit of trouble picking out a gift for a boy because almost all of my friends have boys and I was quite a tomboy myself. The girly part of the toy section was super foreign to me, though, and I spent quite a while wandering up and down the aisles until I thought the color pink was going to make me barf.

I vetoed all of the eating/pooping baby dolls (why on Earth are there so many of them?!) and I kept going back to the Easy Bake Oven that seemed like a pretty good deal at $24.00. I finally gave up on that idea since it would have probably been a pain in the ass for her parents (BF said she was going to be 4) and decided on one of those Fur Real Pets. I also threw in a Color Wonder coloring book set, some bubbles and heart-shaped plastic bracelets for good measure.

Well let me just tell y’all, I felt like a HERO when she opened her gift. It turned out that she was actually only turning 3 so thank God I didn’t get something more complicated. She loved the puppy and wanted to put the bracelets on and play with the bubbles immediately. I was so relieved, the BF was happy and the birthday girl definitely loved her gifts.

We left the birthday party to go to another (more grown-up) party. The BF got into a pretty intense game of beer pong while I chatted with some people and suddenly it was after 11:00. We left the festivities and headed to town because one of my friends was having a going away party. We managed to sneak in, say hello to him, and sneak out in about ten minutes.

Sunday was spent doing laundry and trying to catch up on stuff around the house. Boring.

Monday was my Mamaw’s birthday party, so I headed to Greencastle around 11:00 for the cookout at her house. Sadly, I didn’t get to stay for the ice cream cake since I had to head back to the BF’s for the cookout his grandma was having.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I wouldn’t trade it…But I’m looking forward to a lot of relaxing this coming weekend.

BUT apparently a cookout is being thrown at my house on Saturday and I may already have plans for Sunday.

Perhaps the weekend after THAT will be my weekend of rest.