So lately NB has introduced me to people as his girlfriend…And I’ve pointed out that he didn’t immediately break out in hives or burst into flames. It seems like we’re “official”, whatever that means.

A friend of mine asked why I haven’t changed my relationship status on Facebook yet. Mine isn’t actually public but I’m fairly certain it would show up on the newsfeed if I were to change it. I have no problem whatsoever if everyone on Earth knows that I’m in a relationship and I’m actually thrilled that he’s become comfortable with referring to me as his girlfriend.

Truth be told, I’ve been calling him that for a while anyway.

Shhh…don’t tell him.


The problem with changing my status is that I might have to change it back sometime. I don’t really want to have to tell my friends list that I’m going through a breakup. I guess I just don’t think its really anyone’s business.

The boyfriend (!) and I talked about the whole Facebook thing (he doesn’t have Facebook and doesn’t want it) and I expressed my fears about changing it back if something went sour.

“Well…if something went sour and you had to change it back, you could always tell everyone I’m gay. I’d totally do that for you.”

I don’t know a single soul that would believe that, but I thought it was oddly sweet for him to offer.