I’m starting to think my employer encourages alcoholism. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re allowed to drink at work. So far it seems that people do this mostly on Fridays, usually in the afternoon. Sometimes people go to lunch and come back a little toasted. No one gets hammered (that I’ve witnessed) and it’s really no big deal.

This week, though, I have two things on my calendar that make me wonder.

Tomorrow, I’m attending a lunch for all of the people that were hired recently. It’s an hour and a half lunch at a really great Mexican place… It will be interesting to see if drinks are included and if so, how many people go with margaritas.

And Friday?

Well. Friday our entire office shuts down. We still have to be here from 8:15 – 5:15, and we’re paid for the whole day, but we won’t be working.

We’ll be building and racing soapbox derby cars. And drinking.

This is something my company does every year to coincide with the Indy 500, I’m guessing. We’ve been broken up into randomly-selected teams and given money to buy materials. All week my inbox has been filling up with planning emails and there have been lots of secret meetings around campus. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited.

There are a few contests being held that day outside of the race itself. A food-eating contest will be in the afternoon, as well as a costume contest. My team has picked a theme and we’re all dressing up for that day. I’m guessing it will be pretty funny to see everyone in costume.

What really gets me, though, is that there will be kegs of beer…and people will be drinking at 8:30 (ish) am. Now I should mention that if anyone gets a little too intoxicated my employer is providing taxi rides home…So it’s not like they’re being irresponsible.

Look, I’m not complaining. I just wonder what my employer has to gain by getting us all ripped at work.