I hate when I’m walking somewhere alone and someone else is walking behind me, just close enough to make me uncomfortable. So then I speed up a bit to put some distance between the two of us, but I imagine it’s fairly obvious to that person that I’m walking faster. So then it’s awkward because not only do I want to get away from that person, but he or she KNOWS I’m trying to get away. It’s even worse if it turns out that we’re both going to the same place.

Other awkward situations?


When you are leaving a building, just as you get ready to open the door you notice someone coming your way. Then you have to decide if you’re going to just leave or stand there holding the door for an eternity. Even worse, going with option B. only to discover the person wasn’t planning on walking out the door at all.

ALSO, if you’re the person walking toward the door and someone decides to hold it and wait for you. Then you get to do that awkward “Oh look, I’m going to pretend to jog a little so you think I’m trying to get there faster even though I’m not and I kind of wish you’d just go on so I can get the door for myself whenever I get there.”

BUT it’s annoying if someone is going through a door, sees you approaching and doesn’t hold the door. THANKS JERK.

I’m never satisfied, I guess.


When you get to a door at the same time as someone else. So you’re both standing there doing an absurd little dance that involves reaching for the door handle, then saying “Oh, ha ha ha…sorry…” and pulling your hand back. Except the other person just did the exact same thing so you get to try again. And then it’s one of those “I’ll get it…Oh, ok, you ge…No, I’ll… I mean…OH FORGET IT” and you just have to push the other person out of the way to get the door open.


When you’re going into a building and someone is trying to exit through the same door.

It seems as though doors = awkward moments.