– Applying deodorant. What?! Sometimes it quits half-way through the day.

– Coloring.

– Playing Bubble Birds on my Blackberry.

– Doing my makeup.

– Painting my nails. I haven’t been brave enough to paint my toenails yet but that will probably happen at some point.

– Making funny faces at my computer.

– Eating and/or drinking.

Now I realize this makes it sound like I don’t really work during the day…But my job involves talking on the phone a LOT. I usually do most of these things while talking on the phone because it drives me crazy to just sit there.

Well, except for eating… I mean, that’s just rude. I wish everyone that called me knew that because there aren’t many things that are nastier than the sound of someone chomping away over the phone.

On another work-related note, I am pleased to announce that I now have a stalker.

When I first started my new job, I got a very strange phone call involving some heavy breathing and lots of personal questions. The guy seemed ok at first, but when he started repeating our address to me I got a little bugged out. It took me a while to end the call in a polite way because he was busy asking what I look like, my age, hair color, eye color, build, etc…

Obviously I didn’t give him any information.

Yesterday, as soon as I got to work I had a phone call from one of our reception ladies.  They had a mysterious letter that was addressed only to Ashley, no last name or company info. The letter was hand written (she said it looked like he was trying to ‘murder the paper’…I guess he pressed hard when writing?), mostly gibberish and addresses for New York travel websites. At the bottom of the letter it said “I have also donated money to save an animals life as you requested.” Not knowing who it went to (there are quite a few of us that share the name here) and thinking it wasn’t anything important, they threw it away. Apparently, the man that sent it was worried and called in a few times, finally leaving a voicemail.

“Uh, hello, uh…Ashlee? Uh, I don’t know your last name but I know your birthday is XX-XX-XXXX. Did you get my letter? Ashlee with the birthday XX-XX-XXXX? Please let me know that you got my letter Ashlee. I’m looking for the Ashlee with the birthday XX-XX-XXXX. I know it’s (year) because you told me how old you are”

Now, he didn’t have my birthday exactly right…He was one day off. But how on God’s green Earth did he know? I didn’t give him any personal info…

I obviously talked to my boss about it.  I mean, the guy is pretty far away and I’m not all that worried BUT you never know.