Yuck to both.

Seriously, I’m sick of it. Yeah, I love a good storm now and then. Sure, it’s nice when I can listen to rain as I’m falling asleep. But when that’s all the weather wants to do? Uh, no thanks.

This morning I was late to work because we’ve had so much rain they closed one lane of the interstate due to high water. Traffic was backed up all the way to the on ramp and once I actually made it on the interstate some giant douchebag decided to try to occupy the same space I was in. Apparently, he missed the 4,000 signs alerting everyone to the lane closure and was completely taken by surprise when he actually had to merge to the right. It’s a good thing my horn works because he had NO clue I was there. He, of course, flipped me off and shoved himself in front of me. I guess I deserved that because CLEARLY I was the one in the wrong.

I may have returned the gesture. My mom would kill me for saying that because FLIPPING SOMEONE OFF IN THE BIG CITY WILL SURELY GET YOU SHOT.

Of course, once I got to work I had to drive around for a while until I found a parking spot, which made me even more late. Lucky for me someone left and I was able to take that spot, and even luckier for me it was a spot close to my building.

‘Cause, you know, I’m the genius that decided to wear flip-flops today. Don’t worry, inappropriate footwear choices aren’t just a winter thing.

Today has been busy as HELL and I’m about ready to pull my hair out…It doesn’t help that my computer has decided to pick today to be as slow as it possibly can short of just shutting down entirely.

I’m ready to go home.

Only 4 hours and 17 (ish) minutes ’til I can!