Maybe the right term would be April Monsoons… Yesterday we got hit with all kinds of rainy stormy weather. The worst of it was last night and even I got a little nervous.

I went to the Not Boyfriend’s because he decided to cook dinner…Right, like I don’t spend every night over there, anyway…BUT I was actually planning on staying home until he mentioned food. Truthfully, I would have likely ended up there regardless because my brother has come down with the flu and I DO NOT want his germs.

**Side note… NB is an awesome cook. Last night we had manicotti stuffed with two kinds of chicken filling. SO good.


We were standing in the kitchen getting our plates ready when the storm started, around 9:30 pm. The kitchen windows were open and we could hear the storm blow in, which was really cool. What WASN’T cool was how strong the wind was getting.

I should probably mention that he and I have both experienced a tornado up close when we were in junior high. It was late at night, right before Mother’s Day. My parents woke my brother and I up and had us come down to the kitchen because our area was under a tornado warning. At some point, we lost power so we were sitting next to the basement door trying to decide if we needed to go downstairs when a tornado went right behind our house and destroyed a modular home that was just down the road. I’ll never forget the way everything went quiet or the sound it made as it went through. If it hadn’t been so dark we would have been able to see it, too. NB’s family wasn’t quite as lucky as we were…Possibly the same tornado demolished their house that night. They all managed to get to the basement in time, thank God, so no one was seriously injured. That same night my old elementary school (that my brother still attended at the time) was also hit, as well as a few other homes in the area.

So, standing in his kitchen listening to the wind become stronger and stronger was making even me incredibly nervous. For anyone that hasn’t heard a tornado, the rednecks that always get interviewed on the news are right. It DOES sound a lot like a freight train chugging down the tracks.

**Side note (again): After the tornado that I mentioned earlier, a couple of news crews showed up at our house wanting interviews. My mom refused because she was still in her pajamas and I tried to explain to her that she’d fit right in with all of the other interviewees…somehow she didn’t agree.

…On with the story.

I was trying to be tough and act like it wasn’t a big deal that the wind was HOWLING, but finally I had to let him know that I was getting a little nervous about the storm. As soon as I said it, he suggested we have dinner in the basement just to be safe (I didn’t even know he HAD a basement until last night, actually). We spend the next minute or so running through the house grabbing things…He put on a pair of work boots and then carried a couple of chairs and a candle down while I got my purse, our dinner, and a few beers. That’s right, we definitely had our priorities in line. I figured if I was going to be sitting in a basement while the house above me got blown away I might as well drink a beer or two.

NB pulled a chest of drawers to an empty spot so we had a makeshift table and cleared away some cobwebs…His house is fairly old and the basement is definitely not finished. Still, you can’t really complain when a tornado might be headed your way. We lost power not long after we got settled, so thank goodness he remembered a candle. Of course, he was assuring me that he had planned the candlelit dinner thing all along.

We stayed in the basement for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. I’ve always liked when the power goes out…I’m not sure why. It was so quiet in the house that we could still hear the storm going on, even from the basement. We had a couple of beers and talked until finally it seemed to quiet down. Happily, there didn’t seem to be any damage to the house or our cars at all. NB fired up the generator and was quite proud of himself for being the only house in the area with power.

The rest of the night was uneventful. We tried to watch a movie but halfway through we both decided sleep was a better idea. By then the power had come back on and the storms seemed to be over. I guess there was another storm around 2:00am but by then I was sound asleep.

This morning I did see some damage on the way to work and I heard about an unconfirmed report of a tornado touching down somewhere in my home town. I’m definitely grateful that NB and I as well as everyone I know (well, as far as I’ve heard, anyway) made it through last night ok.