I noticed something today and I wonder if anyone else does this…

When I’m typing a text or tweet (basically anything with a limited number of characters) and I get close to the limit, I type faster. True story… I caught myself doing it last night.

What is that all about? Like if I type super fast I can get it all in before they know I’m over my character limit? Makes no sense.

In other randomness…

I’m a sales rep for a company based here in Indy. People call in, I sell them our product.

Imagine my surprise when our reception desk called me to say there was a person in our lobby that wanted to buy something. I’m not sure what prompted the guy to actually come here rather than call but I was completely unprepared. I’m wearing a sweatshirt and jeans today with flip flops…hardly professional attire. By the time I got to the front desk he had left so I didn’t actually talk to him but… well, it was weird.

Also totally random, but I wish the weather would get just a tad warmer around here…It’s mushroom season and I’m dying to fry some up! For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a website with some info. If you’ve never had a fried morel mushroom you’re really missing out. I’ve usually had them with bacon and eggs for breakfast, but the Not Boyfriend has big plans for a fish and mushroom fry.

I can remember spending hours mushroom hunting in the woods behind my mom and dad’s house when I was little. We’d get dressed in jeans, long sleeved flannel shirts, hats and boots (because my mom was worried about ticks so we had to be almost totally covered) and carry bread sacks to hunt for them.  Mom always insisted that we were as quiet as possible because she didn’t want anyone to know if we found them…because then someone else might look in our woods and steal our mushrooms!

I’m not even kidding about that. Mushroom season only happens in the spring around here and it’s pretty short… those things are like gold and I’ve seen people sell them for what you’d probably consider a ridiculous price.  They’re THAT good.