I’m not much of a girly girl… I think we can all agree on that. I HAVE recently found some beauty products that I absolutely love and I’m so nice that I’m going to share them with you! I’m even thinking of doing a contest with one of the items as a prize. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods


  • Shower gel
  • Body lotion
  • fragrance mist
  • Eau de toilette
  • Pocketbac
  • Travel size lotion

I’m OBSESSED with this stuff… I love the way it smells. I’ve also always been a big fan of Bath and Body Works body lotion. I put it on right out of the shower when my skin is still a little damp and it lasts all day. Find everything pictured and more goodies here: Bath and Body Works

Fekkai Technician Color Care

This stuff ain’t cheap… I got a starter kit (travel-size shampoo, conditioner, and a 3-minute mask) for $26.00. It actually lasts a while for me since I try not to wash my hair every day. If you’re buying full-size (8 oz.) bottles they’ll cost you about $26.00 each but it really is worth it. I’m convinced this stuff is the reason my hair color is still as pretty as the day I had it done PLUS it seems to make my hair behave like nothing I’ve tried before. Add in the fact that it smells like I’d imagine a unicorn fart does and I might never use another brand. EVER.  Find it here: Fekkai Website

Mirra Cleansing Cloths

It’s no big secret that I’m super lazy when it comes to taking my makeup off at night…But having these around makes it a lot easier. Each cloth has an exfoliating side that has rough little nubs on it. They seem to do a really good job getting rid of makeup and they help quite a bit if you have some dry, flaky skin. Mirra is actually a Kroger brand, so if you have a Kroger grocery store near you look for them in the skincare section. Here’s some more information about the other products offered by this brand: Kroger site Also, sometimes you can find the products by searching on Amazon.com.

Burt's Bees


Ok, seriously. Who doesn’t love Burt’s Bees? If you haven’t tried their lip balm you’re seriously missing out. I can’t be without the beeswax lip balm and right now I think I have about ten of them. I picked up the tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia yesterday and of course it’s good stuff, too. The color looks pretty dark in the tube but when you put it on it’s actually quite light and pretty. The only thing I don’t like about the tinted balm is that it doesn’t make your lips tingle like the regular beeswax balm does. I’m seriously addicted to that tingle…so much that I have to layer the tinted balm over the beeswax balm. Check out all of their awesome all-natural products here: Burt’s Bees

MAC Eyeshadows and Primer


  • Primer (Painterly)
  • Beautiful Iris
  • Hepcat (this picture doesn’t do the color justice)
  • Amber Lights
  • Vanilla
  • Retrospeck (goes with almost any color…it gets A LOT of use, as you can probably tell)
  • Steamy
  • Shadowy Lady (this one gets used quite a bit as a liner…it’s a very deep purple)

Words can’t express how much I love MAC eyeshadows…The colors are amazing, they blend well, and when used with the MAC primer they don’t crease. Come to think of it, even without the primer I don’t have an issue with creases at all. This isn’t my entire collection, but these are definitely the colors I find myself using the most. These aren’t cheap eyeshadows… You’ll spend about $15.00 for each one. I usually buy three at a time as a treat when I can make it to the MAC store. I’ve also ordered online, but there’s just nothing like paying a visit to a MAC counter and being able to try the colors out. Here’s an index of their current colors: MAC Cosmetics

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip in Smoky Green Eyes

Given my affection for expensive MAC eyeshadow, I was incredibly surprised by how much I liked this stuff. I picked it up on a whim one day while grocery shopping and it’s become my go-to eyeshadow for daily wear. I use the bottom three colors the most, because they give you a little smokiness that’s still appropriate for daytime.  I was also surprised to find that I actually like the little sponge  applicator for lining my eyes. They have a different combination of colors for every eye color out there…my eyes are actually hazel but I wanted to see if it would make the green in my eyes stand out… It definitely did! Here’s a link to the different eyeshadow products they offer: Physician’s Formula


Try some of these out and let me know what you think! What are your favorite products?

Also, let me know which products you’d like to have a chance to win in the comments. I’m definitely thinking about doing it soon.