Um, hi guys… It’s been a minute.

Things have been SO busy for me lately…I’ve not only neglected my blog but also my Facebook and Twitter.  The problem is that I don’t exactly want to share what I’ve been doing.

It’s nothing bad or illegal…it’s just…mine.

I know, I’m not making any sense right now. I’m not used to being quiet about anything, especially when it’s something good. Trust me, a big part of me wants to write a long post in bold caps lock about everything that’s gone on in the last couple of weeks. The thing is, some of it doesn’t involve just me. Out of respect for the other person (who doesn’t even know I have a blog) I’m going to keep my trap shut.


Never fear! I do have a bit of good news I can share with you!

Starting Friday morning at 9:00 am I will officially re-enter the world of employment! I got the offer last Friday and I’m very much looking forward to working for this company. It isn’t another school, thank God, but it does still involve sales. It’s also in downtown Indy, which means it would still be an hour drive. Luckily, once my regular hours start after training I’ll be working 11:15 – 8:15 so I won’t have to get up early for too terribly long.

One thing about this job that excites me quite a bit…I can wear jeans every day! They actually said I could wear whatever I want…I saw a couple of guys walking around dressed as if they were going to the gym.  The whole atmosphere seems very laid back and everyone seems to be friendly. I’m really looking forward to getting started!

Things are going so well for me that I’m almost holding my breath all day waiting for something bad to happen. I haven’t been this happy in…um…well, I can’t recall. Maybe EVER.

I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with you guys and I promise I’m going to make more of an effort. I hope y’all can forgive me!