WordPress was kind enough to eat the post I was working on earlier…It was probably the best post ever written by anyone in the whole world BUT no one will ever get to see it.

Ok, maybe not.

I’m guessing you guys are dying to know how the hog nuts were…Unfortunately I can’t tell you because we didn’t have any. When we got to the bar it was packed. Not one table available, not one vacant bar stool. My friend asked if I wanted to go somewhere else to eat and I told him we could stay… He was a lot more excited about eating the hog testicles than I was, after all. After one last glance around the bar to make sure he decided to leave. We ended up having (a normal) dinner at Pepe’s in Lafayette.

I just noticed that we left all-you-can-eat hog testicle night to eat at Pepe’s (some people in this area pronounce it Peepee’s).  That’s pretty funny, huh?

Maybe it’s just me.

Moving right along…

Today my friend Brian and I drove up to Indy for dinner and the screening of Red State. The plan was to have dinner at Scotty’s downtown then head to the show. I was seriously looking forward to some Buffalo chicken dip…they have the best EVER.

Well I guess we forgot about this little thing going on…something called the Big Ten. Yeah. Scotty’s had an insanely long line so we didn’t even try it. Every other place we tried had a two-hour wait.

We decided to just drive toward Butler campus and look for a place to eat on the way. I figured a college campus would have at least a few dining options. We saw a Hot Box Pizza delivery car at one point, so I checked my navigator and found one only four miles away. Piece of cake, right?

And once again…we were wrong.

We were following the navigator’s instructions when I decided to check the route summary. That’s when I realized we almost let the stupid thing try to take us all the way back to downtown Indy. We gave up on the pizza and decided to just drive until we saw something. Luckily, after a few minutes we found an O’Charley’s. Probably a good thing, because I was about to gnaw my own arm off. Plus I was hungry.

We did manage to eat and get to the movie with plenty of time to spare… And the movie was great! If you can find a screening of Red State near you I definitely recommend going. Tickets are a bit expensive but you get to participate in a Q & A session with Kevin Smith after the movie. If you don’t want to pay for the screening it should be in theaters soon.

Tomorrow I’m going to bake a pie for my dad’s birthday (which is Sunday) and I’ll try to get the recipe posted this weekend…but it may not happen until Monday.

So, sorry the world’s best post EVER got eaten before you could all enjoy it. I know this post is probably pretty sub-par BUT the Alka-Seltzer I took for my cold has started to work and I’m extremely sleepy. I should have probably gone to bed as soon as I got home but I wanted to post something…I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog.

See? I’m dedicated.