Well I’d like to say I jumped out of bed this morning and got a lot of stuff done but…

That didn’t happen.

I woke up the first time my alarm went off at 9:00 which is pretty much unheard of… It took me a few minutes to realize that I didn’t have to work. I still had to make the drive into the big city today so I got up, took a shower and straightened my hair. That’s real excitement there, people.

The stupid navigation app (or maybe it was my fault but I’ll never admit it) on my Blackberry got me a little lost but I finally got to where I was going. After an hour I was back on my way home… and have I mentioned how much gas costs now? Holy hell, I can’t be making unnecessary drives anymore, that’s for sure.

I went home and ate an unhealthy amount of mac and cheese while aimlessly clicking the Stumble button to find something worth looking at. I eventually ended up at a free games website.

I’ve been playing this incredibly stupid game ever since. There was a brief intermission that involved Easy Cheese and crackers followed by ice cream for desert. I’m not proud of it.

Tomorrow I’m getting up early to have breakfast with my mom and Grandma like we always do on Fridays…and I’m going to break the news to them. Should be a good time.


So there you have it, the incredibly exciting events of my first day as an unemployed person.

I could barely handle the excitement myself.