Ashlee. Spelled with two “E’s” for a reason. An Ashlee, not to be confused with an Ashley, is no goody two shoes or poser. She goes against the grain, and may not fit in with any certain clique but she sets the trends. A possible social outcast, very independent, very desirable. A real vixen, and a dynamo in the sack.

Well I suppose that’s pretty accurate…But I’m not so sure about that last part.


This is a total cop out. I wanted to post but I didn’t like what I wrote. Hey, at least I’m honest.

OH, and in other news…

With one of my lovely soroity sisters

I had such a great time this weekend with my sorority sisters (and our brother fraternity) and there are many stories to tell…BUT they’re mostly stories that would probably only be funny if you were there.

Girly shots might have been taken. Don't judge.