Today is my last day of employment before the countdown begins… Starting Monday I’ll be waiting for someone to come get me and walk me out of the building.

I’ve been with this company for two years and while I’m not exactly looking forward to the idea of being unemployed for an unknown amount of time, I’m ready to move on.

As with most relationships, things started out well. I loved my new job, loved the much bigger pay checks, and I really felt like I was making a difference every day. I think the honeymoon phase wore off when I started taking classes through my school. It didn’t take long for me to realize the classes were out of date and the instructors handed out A’s without really looking at the assignments I turned in. Basically, it was a big joke.

Things have slowly been getting worse since then until recently, when it seemed like every day was an absolute struggle. I know we all have days when it’s tempting to play hookey, but I had to talk myself into going to work every single day. It got so bad that I started getting stomach aches and headaches that would start sometimes Sunday evening, sometimes Monday morning, and last all week. On Friday, by the time I got halfway home they would miraculously disappear.

I had a talk with God one night on the way home from work… I basically told Him that if He was trying to give me a push in another direction I wasn’t going to fight it. I feel like He’s been trying to guide me in a different direction for a while now, but because I’m stubborn I needed Him to give me a big shove. Once I got home, I felt quite a bit better and have ever since. I guess I should have listened a long time ago when friends have told me to give my worries to God and let Him handle them.

I started applying for other jobs not long ago and I’m hoping one specific company will love me so much they just HAVE to hire me.

I’m not sure exactly when my last day will be…they like to keep you in the dark around here. I think they just like to stress their employees out as much as they possibly can.

I know I won’t miss coming to this place every day, or the guilt I feel for just doing my job, but I will miss some of the people. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them and I fully expect you to stay in touch.

It’s time to start a new chapter in my life and rather than worry about the things that are ending, I’m looking forward to the new beginnings.