I didn’t go to work today. I woke up feeling like someone was bouncing a bowling ball off of my head, turned my alarm off and went back to sleep. The headache was still there when I woke up again about an hour later so I left my boss a voicemail and burrowed back under the covers.

Eventually I wandered into the living room and fired up the ol’ laptop out of boredom.  I had to turn the brightness down on my screen because my of my headache, and I could only muster the energy to lay there and click the Stumble button over and over. Perhaps I’m being a little dramatic… I guess it wasn’t THAT awful.

Eventually I ended up on a food blog post that was all about alfredo sauce. I LOVE alfredo sauce and I instantly wanted some… I didn’t want to mess with looking up a recipe so I just rounded up some stuff and got to work.

I ended up with:

leftover onion

two cloves garlic


cream cheese


parmesan cheese

salt and pepper


Putting the sauce together was simple…I don’t really know what amount I used of anything but it made enough sauce for just me. I put a little olive oil in a pan and let it heat, added the butter and diced onion, and let that cook for a few minutes. I also put a pot of water on high and added some salt. Once the onions had cooked for a little while I added the garlic. I should mention here that I used to hate cooking with real garlic because my hands would smell like it for days after, but then I bought a garlic press. It became my best friend.

Once that has cooked for a few minutes (don’t let the garlic burn or it’ll be sour and nasty) add a little cream cheese and stir until it melts. You don’t want a ton…I think I probably used a couple of tablespoons. Once it’s creamy, add some milk (maybe a cup?) and whisk like crazy. It won’t be very pretty at first but  just keep whisking and it should come together. Add some salt and pepper at this point, but be careful not to add a lot of salt. The cheese is pretty salty by itself.

Once you’ve got it all combined, add some parmesan cheese and whisk some more. Turn the stove down and let it thicken, just make sure to stir it occasionally.

While I was waiting for the pasta to cook and the sauce to thicken, I found some leftover biscuits on the counter so I buttered them, sprinkled on some garlic powder and parmesan cheese and stuck them under the broiler. Once everything was ready I just combined the pasta and sauce in a bowl and sprinkled more parmesan and a little basil on top. YUM.  Also? I know this is weird, but the burnt biscuits ended up being the best ones. I’m going to pretend I let them burn on purpose.

The biscuits got a little...done.

This is definitely NOT authentic alfredo… This is closer and is still pretty easy but I didn’t have any good parmesan or heavy cream. It also isn’t exactly diet-friendly…unless you’re trying to gain weight, I guess.

It was pretty good for only taking about 15 minutes to make… good for a quick dinner when you’re low on time!