I never expected this post to get so many views! I’m glad y’all like my new ‘do…because I really do love it. I seriously felt a bit like a celebrity this evening because my phone was going crazy with Facebook and Twitter notifications while I was watching the number of views on my blog increase every time I refreshed.

You know what I think will be fun?

Well, that WOULD be fun but how would we get a camel to wear stockings?  I kid! If you know what I’m referencing you’re my best friend.

But seriously, I think I’m going to try a Q&A post. NOT to be confused with a T&A post. Come on guys,I’m a classy lady and this is a classy blog.

So here’s how this works:

Send your question to willfullydisobedientblog @ gmail. com (spaces on purpose so I don’t get spammed. Make sure to take the spaces out when you compose the email.). Please make sure to put something like “Question!” in the subject and sign your name if you want it to appear here…and if not, please make sure to sign it Anonymous.

Ask me anything! Of course, there might be some questions I find too personal or offensive and those won’t get posted. I’ll be checking it daily and once I get a pretty good number of different questions I’ll answer them all at once in a post.

I’m really excited about this!