If you read this post, you probably know that I have a rather unhealthy obsession with face gunk removal.  I can go through a box of strips in a week, kid you not. That gets pretty expensive so imagine my excitement when I found a  way to make them at home.

There were a couple of different recipes… the first one I tried was just milk and honey mixed together and nuked for about 10 seconds. The directions said to smear it on your face, let it dry and peel it off.  It sounded easy enough…but the stuff never dried. I had to scrub it off of my face after waiting about an hour. My face still looked the same and I had honey in my hair.

The second one I tried was a tablespoon of plain gelatin powder and a tablespoon and a half of milk mixed, nuked and mixed again. Just like the last time, the directions said to spread the mixture on your trouble areas (so I smeared it all over every inch of my face), let dry and peel off.


This stuff definitely dried until I couldn’t move my face without cracking it. I thought for sure that I had a winner but when I started to peel it off I realized a couple of things.

A. I had it waaay too thin.

B. Peeling it off HURT.

C. In most parts, it wouldn’t peel off so I had to kind of scratch it off. Not good.

I ended up with a bright red and kind of swollen face. I also couldn’t tell if the stuff had done what it was supposed to do.

I gave the gelatin recipe another shot a couple of nights ago, making sure to really cake it on in a thick layer and only on my actual problem areas. I was walking around looking like I had snot covering my forehead, nose and chin for a while… Probably not the cutest I’ve ever looked. This time, when it was dry I was able to peel the goo off pretty easily. I didn’t notice any gunk on the strips, though.

I have noticed after a couple of days that I have a few more breakouts than normal where I had the goo…so I think it actually DID do something to pull some nastiness out of my skin, it just didn’t get it all the way out. I hate to say it, but I think I’m back to buying the expensive pore strips for now…

Try this on your own but be careful if you have sensitive skin. Let me know if it works for you!