Er…Valentine’s Day…


I’m not a fan of this holiday, honestly…In fact, the last time I think I looked forward to it was in elementary school when we made little mail boxes for our Valentines out of shoe boxes. Then again, I looked forward to just about every holiday in elementary school because holidays = candy and what kid doesn’t love that?

As an adult, I think Valentine’s Day is a silly and unromantic holiday…Yes, I said UNromantic. First of all, there’s the whole bloody massacre thing. Nothing says I love you like slaughtering a bunch of people, right? And then there’s this.  Yikes.

I realize I’m probably the least normal person you know, but I can’t be alone when I say that I don’t need a date on a calendar to make me want to tell someone I care. How romantic is it that your significant other sent you roses or balloons or chocolates or whatever today because he felt like he had to? Isn’t it more romantic when he does something completely out of the blue simply because he wanted to? I sat at work today and watched as our receptionist delivered a flower arrangement to one of my coworkers. Of course she acted very surprised. Seriously, I think we all know she probably did a little more than hint subtly about what she expected to get today. It made me think about a day a few weeks ago, when a different girl got flowers from her husband at work. She hadn’t expected them and they weren’t for some stupid Hallmark holiday… He just wanted to send them. That would mean a lot more to me than anything someone sent to me today.

Now before anyone says this…Yes, I’m single and I’m sure a lot of single people are complaining about this holiday today because they aren’t getting any presents. The thing is, I’m kind of glad I’m single today because I’m not expected to participate in all of this tomfoolery. Over the weekend I talked to a few of my attached friends and the topics of all of those conversations were pretty much “What do you think I should get husband/boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?” and “I wonder what husband/boyfriend is getting me” but they all sounded stressed out. Like, if they didn’t get their significant other the EXACT right thing for today their relationships would wither away and die. What a silly thing to stress out about!

It’s just another day, people. Calm yourselves.