When I was growing up, one of my favorite meals was my mom’s potato soup with some bread and butter. My mom doesn’t make the kind of loaded baked potato soup you find in restaurants, though. To me, that soup is just an excuse to shovel bacon, cheese and sour cream into your face. Not such a terrible thing, I suppose, but it isn’t potato soup to me.

My brother decided to try his hand at potato soup similar to my mom’s a few nights ago. While it wasn’t exactly the same, it was still really, really good.

He pretty much followed my mom’s technique, using skin-on red potatoes instead of skinned Russet potatoes that my mom uses. It’s about the most simple thing on earth:

– Clean and cut potatoes into chunks, clean and dice onion and celery. cook in chicken stock or broth until taters are soft enough to cut with a fork, onions are translucent and celery is softened without being squishy.

-reduce heat, add milk (you may want to temper the milk by pouring it into a separate bowl and stirring in some of the hot soup, then pouring the mixture into the pot. Keeps the milk from curdling) and butter and let simmer ’til you’re ready to eat.

I forgot to mention this, but you’ll want to season with salt and pepper. You can also add other spices…we usually go with garlic and onion powders and celery salt. Jesse’s obsessed with chicken bouillon so he likes to add some of that also. Rosemary would probably be good also but I’ve never tried it.

That’s it, guys. Serve it piping hot with some bread and butter on the side. You could go with a really nice crusty bread or just some plain ol’ white bread.

Red potato soup

Just looking at this makes me want some. Now.

Make a big ol’ pot of this when the weather’s nasty… You can also freeze leftovers in sandwich bags  for single servings whenever the mood strikes.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the pics of the cake…I just haven’t been to my mom and dad’s to give it to them yet.